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Family owned and operated

Elevate your senses with our skillfully distilled spirits!

Fond of spirits? Try a spirit of your choice from the family owned and operated Deception Distilling of Anacortes, WA. Our spirits are filtered using specially purified water and charcoal filters, so that you get a smooth, mellow, and rich taste with every sip - we make it from start to finish. We completely make our products using wheat, corn, barley, and other locally grown grains.

Wide range of high-quality spirits

  • Vodka

  • Gin

  • Moonshine made from corn

  • Apple Pie Moonshine

  • BlueBerry Apple Pie Moonshine made from 100% locally grown blueberries

  • Bourbon (coming soon; still in the barrel)

  • Whiskey (coming soon; still in the barrel)

Try our Moonshine products today. They're extremely smooth and deliver

a kick!

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Each of these beverages is distilled using the German-built Arnold Holstein stills to ensure quality in every drop. Drop by today to taste the best of spirits in Washington!

Price List-Includes Tax

DD Grain Vodka - Made from local Skagit Valley soft white wheat or our special Apple variety. It is a natural, clean spirit, great for mixed drinks or straight up martinis.



DD Gin - A subtle blend of 12 botanicals makes our Gin diverse & delicious.



Moonshine 100 Proof - Our clear corn whiskey is made from Washington State and barley. It is deceptively smooth with a semi-sweet race.


Apple Pie - Made from DD 100 Proof Moonshine, swirled in apple cider to 70 proof and bottled with cinnamon. Reminiscent of grandma's homemade apple pie.



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